Benefits of C+S Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser

Benefits of C+S Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser

Just like emergency cash or your cellphone, Hand Sanitiser has become an essential item you don't want to leave home without. Whether a day at the office, shopping for groceries, reading in the park, or enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant - if you are coming in contact with shared surfaces, you should just assume you are coming in contact with shared germs.

But who wants to carry around a bulky, ugly plastic bottle of foul-smelling hand sanitiser?

Not us. So we did something about it!

Here at C+S Sheike Stik®, we've launched our own boutique brand of health and beauty products - simple items we use every day, but with a luxurious twist! We believe that just because something is functional doesn't mean it must be boring.

And what's more functional than a bottle of Hand Sanitiser? We gave it the Sheike Stik® treatment and turned something drab into something fab! It has quickly become a personal favorite of ours.

What Makes Our Hand Sanitiser Different?

  • Many Hand Sanitiser on the market today have a strong, unpleasant scent that reminds one of a sterile hospital room. Not great. Especially when used indoors with poor ventilation. Our Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser has a wonderful fragrance that you'll actually want to sniff.
  • Another side-effect of a lot of Hand Sanitiser is skin irritation. Whereas many can leave your hands feeling dry and rough with frequent use, the Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser is enriched with moisture, leaving your hands feeling soft, clean, and hydrated.
  • The Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser is easy to use! The leakproof lockable mechanism allows you to use the product with one hand without having to remove the lid - just turn, press the diamond to squirt the sanitiser into your other hand and then conveniently twist it shut.
  • And because it's leakproof, it’s also mess-free. You won't have to worry about reaching inside only to find a liquidy mess pooling at the bottom of your designer handbag.
  • It's a perfect size! You can easily slip our Hand Sanitiser into a briefcase for a day at the office or into a small clutch for a night out on the town. It's accessible no matter the situation or get-up!

Fight germs and protect yourself in style with the elegantly designed C+S Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser, the world's first clutch-size luxury Hand Sanitiser.

Why Do You Need Hand Sanitiser?

Germs spread incredibly easily. Have you ever opened a package with glitter on it, only to find stray sparkly bits throughout your house - on doorknobs or the refrigerator handle - anywhere or on anything you touched before washing your hands? This might be an oversimplistic analogy, but just like glitter, germs have a tendency to pass from hand to surface (and from surface to hand) with relative ease.

As children, we are taught early on to wash our hands after using the restroom or before eating. And whether we followed our parent's rules or not, as adults, we have hopefully become more aware of the importance of practicing good hygiene and its effect on our health.

Then COVID hit, and we realized we probably were not washing our hands as frequently - or as well - as we should have been. And even though we have all been living under the COVID shadow for nearly two years now, it appears we are not out of the woods yet. A quick look at the news, and you'll see that the Omicron variant is causing infection rates to rise once again and the pandemic continues. That's why it's more important than ever to be vigilant and take every precaution to protect yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to wearing a properly fitting face mask (which we also sell here), another essential part of protecting yourself against COVID is frequent handwashing, ideally with water and soap. (Remember the glitter-germ analogy!) But when that's not possible, it is recommended to use alcohol-based sanitisers. Health and wellness shouldn't be a hassle: And with the C+S Sheike Stik® Hand Sanitiser, you can get clean hands anywhere, anytime.

C+S Sheike Stik® is proudly Australian-owned and operated, and our mission is to make the simplest things in life a unique experience. We only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients in our products. Our Hand Sanitiser is cruelty-free and made with only the good-for-you stuff that our consumers have come to expect from our brand.

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