benefits of fasemasks

Benefits of C+S Sheike Stik® Facemasks For Men, Women and Children

Are you tired of wearing ugly, itchy, and uncomfortable facemasks?

Do your kids complain about masks that slip off their faces or fall to the ground during playtime?

Are you frustrated that you're wasting money on disposable masks that just end up in the rubbish bin?

Are you searching for a face mask that's stylish yet comfortable, functional yet fabulous that will be long-lasting, durable, and keep you and your family safe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we've got some great news. Meet the C+S Sheike Stik® Face Masks for Men, Women and Children.

Here at C+S Sheike Stik®, we believe that just because something is functional doesn't mean it must be boring. That's why we've launched our own boutique brand of health and beauty products - everyday items, but with a luxurious twist! And one of those items that have become a staple in our own personal care kits is the Face Mask.

What Makes our Face Masks Unique

We offer three Face Masks options for men, women, and children - each with its own unique qualities designed especially for the wearer. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality materials. The Face Masks we sell are environmentally friendly without any harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free.

Facemasks for Women:

  • Masks are 100% cotton and comfortable!
  • These Face Masks are designed for maximum breathability. Not every face is the same, so these masks have an adjustable nose bridge and earloop stoppers, giving each wearer a custom and comfortable fit.
  • No worries about outfit clashes! Choose from four neutral colors that will compliment anything in your closet: Olive, pale green, navy, and beige.
  • The women's Face Masks are equipped with a durable yet lightweight chain made of steel and zinc lobster that comes in both silver and gold.
  • Functional enough for the workplace - stylish enough for a night out. They are like the Little Black Dress of Face Masks.

Face Masks for Men:

  • Masks are one-size-fits-all and made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, giving them just the right amount of elasticity for maximum comfort.
  • They also have an adjustable nose bridge and earloop stoppers to provide a perfect fit.
  • Men's Face Masks come in navy and have an attached lanyard so they can be worn conveniently around the neck as needed.

            Face Masks for Children:

  • Children's Face Masks come with an attached lanyard so they can wear their masks to school without fear of losing them at the playground or on the bus.
  • Our Face Masks for children are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.
  • They are durable and double-layered but designed to give your child maximum breathability.
  • The adjustable earloops and nose bridge is terrific for children with sensory issues who require a more customised fit.
  • Our children's Face Masks are appropriate for ages 16 and under and come in two color choices: Black or pink.

With the Omicron variant causing infection rates to rise once again, it seems the pandemic is far from over. In many places, like Queensland, mask mandates are back on the table at the recommendation of health officials. With this information in mind, now is a great time to invest in safe and reusable Face Masks to protect you and your loved ones.

Why Choose a Reusable Face Mask

Disposable Face Masks are good in a pinch, but there are better options to consider for long-term mask-wearing. Not only are disposable masks less comfortable (and, let's face it, less flattering!), they are bad for the environment and bad for your wallet.

Did you know that nearly 1.6 Billion disposable Face Masks entered our oceans in 2020? Did you also know that a disposable mask takes approximately 450 years to biodegrade? Face Mask mandates may be around for quite some time, and at the rate we are going, our oceans and marine life will be straining under the weight of our carelessness for thousands and thousands of years. We must do better.              

So, stop wasting your money on ugly, uncomfortable, and itchy Face Masks that are just going to end up in the trash or worse, our ocean. When you purchase a Face Masks from C+S Sheike Stik®, you are getting a high-quality product from a proudly Australian-owned company that values safety, sustainability…and style!

Directions for Cleaning:

We recommend that you wash your mask by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Please remove the chain before washing. When handwashing is not an option, the delicate cycle and low temperature on your machine are preferred. To help prevent wrinkles, slightly stretch and pat down with a towel before hang drying.

One Last Note:

Please be aware that there are no returns or exchanges on facemasks due to safety and hygiene reasons.

As with all health decisions, you should consult with your trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal situation if you are seeking a face mask to wear concerning medical issues. C+S makes no medical claims about the usage of these masks.