Community & Donations

Community & Donations

A First Look At Donate To Sheike Stiks® Chosen Charities

It is natural for people to desire to give back to their community and society as a whole. With the state of the world, it can be difficult for people to donate without asking for something in return. However, there are ways for people to give back without spending money. For example, donating blood, volunteering at soup kitchens, or standing up for victims of bullying on social media platforms.

Charitable organisations have been a vital part of every society around the world. Every day, they directly or indirectly help people meet their needs. Supporting these organizations is crucial to help them fulfill their many positive goals and objectives.

Sheike Stik® provides high-quality products that are 100% cruelty-free. In a traditional economic system, people have to buy products before giving back. We’ve come up with a new option. With her first collection, Sheike Stik® aims to break this paradigm and provide a new business model where people can give back without purchasing a product for themselves.

Sheike Stik® is a start-up focused on giving back to the community and charity work. Recently, there has been a rise in mental health awareness and suicide prevention amongst young people. We want to make sure we give back to this community by providing emotional support and resources for those who need it most.

Siobhan White & Corey Stamp, Founders & Directors, have supported many opportunities to give back to communities and help curate donations. Movember, Diggers Rest, and White Cloud Foundation, and RizeUp just to name a few.

It is important to celebrate milestones and the progress we make in improving our lives and the lives of others. We’re celebrating the Sheike Stik® launch, HYPOXI Bulimba’s 10th business birthday, and a charity event to raise money for the white cloud foundation.

This extravaganza will be a fun afternoon where we have 12 - Ice Bath Babies to raise well deserved funds for the White Cloud Foundation. We will be auctioning off local celebrities and athletes to take part in an Ice Bath Challenges to raise money for this charity. Last year Siobhan herself did a leap of faith and abseiled down the cliffs of Kangaroo Point in Brisbane to raise awareness for perinatal depression and raise money to support the Meals for Mums Program with the bunch incredible ladies above.

White Cloud’s Meals for Mums service provides practical support for women at risk of perinatal depression and those already experiencing this. It is designed to complement the clinical care given by the mother’s health care provider.  This amazing charity also has a Steaks with Mates programme.  Steaks with Mates is a program that offers social interaction and peer support for men battling depression and anxiety. Each Steaks with Mates group consists of trusted, like-minded friends, friends-of-friends and business associates, who get together each month at a local pub for a steak, a beer, and a bit of a laugh.  Importantly, each Steaks with Mates night provides an opportunity for blokes to reach out if they want to talk to someone, ask for advice or need some moral support.

If you would like to attend our fun afternoon celebrating HYPOXI Bulimba’s 10th business birthday, our Sheike Stik® launch and a charity event to raise money for the white cloud foundation, please RSVP to Siobhan White - by Saturday 5th of March. 

Time, date and location of our event is as follows:

Saturday 12th of March from 4pm to late, held at the Port Office Hotel, 40 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000.  Ice Bath Challenge to raise funds for the amazing White Cloud Foundation Charity will be in the Courtyard area and the after party will be held in The Clancy Room.  Food Platters and welcome drink on arrival.  Music from 6.30pm by the talented Luke Churchill.  We can't wait to celebrate with you all... 

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