Sustainability Movement

Sustainability Movement

We love the sustainable storehouse we have created here at C+S Sheike Stik®

If a business owner has the means to make positive decisions that reduce their environmental footprint, why not try? It might take more effort, but it is well worth it. At least that's what we think.

Sustainability is something that matters to us here at C+S Sheike Stik®. We strive to make positive choices every day. When we launched our brand, we knew that we wanted our actions to reflect the feelings in our hearts. Instead of taking the easy route, we chose to take action.

 Our love for the planet led us down the road to creating a more sustainable storehouse.

In the beginning, we used single sheets of paper to package orders and to keep inventory, now we are down to one piece – the invoice that is delivered to the customer with their order. We realized if we wanted to make a difference, this practice would have to go. Of course, we had large recycling bins that we were using every day, but we figured there must be more we could do. We worked hard to create a process that would be more sustainable and allow us to rely less on paper for packing our orders.

Before we could promise to be a more sustainable storehouse, we had to find a system that would work for us. Doing so meant learning about many inventory management systems and testing out a wide range of them. We eventually landed on a scanning system that would help us get the job done in our storehouse and support the planet too. The sustainable system we decided to implement has reduced our paper consumption and sped up our packaging process.

 We have changed the way we operate our storehouse.

Now we use such little paper that we are practically a paperless brand, but why stop there? We are always trying to make positive choices that will lower our effect on the environment. We have set in place multiple initiatives to do just that.

When creating an online store, business owners have to make quite a few choices. One of the things every boutique owner has to select is the kind of packaging they will use. Some are better than others in terms of environmental impact and sturdiness. We had to find one that would work with our sustainability goals and get to customers in one piece.

These days we use Sendle 100% compostable packaging for our postage satchels. All of our orders will arrive at your door packed nicely inside 100% compostable postage satchels. We think that is pretty cool. Our choice in packaging has allowed us to further our mission to create a C+S Sheike Stik® sustainability movement.

Not only have we implemented a 100% compostable packaging initiative, but we recently developed a recycling initiative too. Our goal at C+S Sheike Stik® is to make even more favorable changes as our journey continues.

 Every choice we make involves mindfulness.

We pride ourselves on creating products that are cruelty-free and natural. Now it is not just our products that are clean, but our practices too. As we continue our journey, we will look for more sustainable practices and habits to add to our boutique. At C+S Sheike Stik®, we can guarantee that effort is being put into improving every day.

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