Our Story

C+S Sheike Stik® is proudly Australian owned and operated, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients with no nasties. Our products are extremely hydrating for the skin and is of course 100% cruelty free. Our boutique brand hand selects everyday goods and transforms them into luxurious product, for you - Making the simplest things in life a unique experience.

Siobhan White Founder & Director

Siobhan's passion and career started in health, weight loss and recovery where she spent most of her years studying business, playing sports, competing in fitness model competitions, and perfecting her craft which is helping men and women achieve their health goals. Siobhan believes there is a strong connection between exercise and mental health - and that is something she is very passionate about, and she throws her support behind advocacy, fundraising, hosting seminars. This laid the foundation toward her next step in owning and managing two extremely successful weight loss studios in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Siobhan has since consolidated her businesses and expanded her aspiration as an entrepreneur. Siobhan feels extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to launch the Sheike Stik® range and is extremely proud to be affiliated with the co-founder Corey Stamp in launching this innovative product.

Corey Stamp Founder & Director

Corey started his working career in the fabrication industry before joining the military where he discovered his passion for explosive theory and mechanical action. This career provided him the drive and practical skills which is visible within the Sheike Stik® range. Corey currently leads Veteran Wealth, an organisation that provides advice to Veterans and their families, Corey is a strong believer in "giving back" and supports multiple charity organisations. Corey believes that with his ingenuity and Siobhan's flare for style and elegance, the Sheike Stik® range will offer everything a woman desires from start to finish.